For the last couple weeks my "real" work has kept me from painting - or so I tell myself.  But  I made it to the figure studio last Thursday and, how wonderful, Signe, a favorite model was there with a new haircut!  

It is a privilege to have models who return every few months.  It allows me to see new things in their bodies and hopefully, convey something of their personalities as I come to know them.  

Hands have been giving me problems for quite a while so I have set up a personal exercise to draw or paint a hand or two a day.  I remember doing this in high school but clearly need a refresher. When I was younger, I imagined that artists had a sort of magical ability to transfer the image in their minds to paper or canvas.  But like anything a person does well, practice is essential so that's what I'll do.  Because nothing is more "real" than the desire to make art.